segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2007

Strategic Location of the Troia Peninsula

Texas ASLA Award Winners Archive

The natural beauty and strategic location of the Troia Peninsula, located only an hour from Lisbon, make it as desirable today as it was in the 1't century, when it was established as an important fishing port of the Roman Empire. In the 1970% a number of high rise residential towers were constructed on the end of the peninsula, establishing a small town center. While some additional residential complexes and a golf course have been added to Troia, most of the existing landscape remains intact. The premise of the Troia Master plan is that the built environment, both existing and new, be developed in a manner which responds sensitively to the natural environment.

Central to this vision is the proposal for a series of distinct development clusters that

directly respond, respect and protect the natural environment. Most striking about Troia, perhaps its best asset, is its wild and beautiful landscape: not a singular landscape, but a collection of unique ecosystems including white sand beaches, rolling dunes, pine forests, and a regionally significant estuary. Each development cluster, will sensitively relate to each of these. In addition to the natural amenities that exist on the site, the archaeological site of Roman ruins adds another inherent dimension and value to the site, with tourism and educational opportunities. From a design standpoint, this amenity has also influenced the image and character of the project, as expressed in the accompanying illustrations.