quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

Unearthing Roman Ruins on the Blue Coast

Unearthing Roman Ruins on the Blue Coast | Company News | News: "Now, centuries after its discovery, Sonae Turismo, the developers of Troiaresort, have hired an archaeological team to interpret and preserve the site while developing Troiaresort into an international resort destination.

'Tróia is a site of great historical and local importance, adding a unique magic and charm to the resort,' says Charles Roberts, Sales Manager of IRG Portugal, the exclusive affiliate of Christie's Great Estates who is selling the development. 'Owners and guests will be able to visit the Roman Ruins and learn more about the local history, which is being preserved so it can be enjoyed by many generations to come.'

'The Blue Coast has seen its popularity rise in recent years, as people discover the area's numerous charms. From historical sites to vineyards, and golden beaches to golf courses, the area has much to offer second home buyers.'"