sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2009

Como vai o Tróia-Resort de Eco-Turismo

Around the World - Column by Jennifer Merin - ArcaMax Publishing: "the Portuguese government decided to tear down a well-established but unsightly resort in order to restore the natural beauty of the Troia Peninsula on the northern tip of the Alentejo region, some 30 mile south of Lisbon.

Troia Peninsula is a narrow sand strip that boasts about 12 miles of terrific beaches and arguably the cleanest water in the region. It’s a destination that’s favored by those who love water sports of all sorts, and golfers.

Building the new Troia Resort involved demolition of 1970s and 1980s high-rises and constructing in their place an entirely new low-rise eco-tourism complex that completely complements the landscape--and preserves the natural environment.

The new resort complex has two five-star hotels, two four-star hotels, a 184-berth marina, casino, conference center, beach club, country club, tennis center and equestrian center. To assure that the new facilities would incorporate the latest green technology. the resort was assessed during the planning phase by Maritime Research Institute, which carried out environmental impact studies and continues to monitor the facilities."

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