segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2008

Troia Resort - Casa do Lago

Located on the Tróia Peninsula, in south-west Portugal, the Tróia Resort project was the result of a high quality residential resort competition, based on an ambitious program of 300 dwellings. Our strategy was focused on the relation to the natural surroundings and an innovative contemporary language, towards a high segment market.

With four different house types, apartment, beach, lake and golf, I design a modular strategy, in order to adapt the desired spatial principles to plots with different environmental factors. This originated a diversity of diagrams, different in shape, but similar in its essence.

With a short deadline, I was responsible for the conceptual strategy, as well as the development of the "lake house". This was a thrilling "4 days" project, with a satisfactory result in such a short period, and rewarded with the company's award for the best competition project for 2005.